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Why is wool so good?

Compared to modern man-made fibers commonly used in blankets, the advantages of wool are clear. Woollen blankets are durable and have a lifespan far better than many man-made fibers can offer. Because wool is a natural fiber the blanket can be composted at the end of its long life cycle leaving no trace in the environment.

Wool like ours that is finished with safe methods is also a nice material on the skin. Did you know that wool is actually composed of the same protein that makes up the outer protective layer of your skin? We find that amazing and it means that wool works in complete harmony with living creatures. It doesn’t gather static electricity nor cause electric crackle that bothers the most sensitive animals. Wool is a nurturing, natural, hollow fibre that provides a soft cushioning layer for comfort. It naturally resists mildew and mold. It repels moisture and breathes well, which allows moisture to pass through its fibers. This means well-being for the skin below of it. Because of these qualities wool feels dry and smells fresh longer. It also has natural higher level of built-in UV protection than many other fibers. As the wool regulates warmth the thinner woollen blanket can be used throughout the year.

All in all, these positive features mean that the garment needs less processing and you need to renew it less frequently. That is why we think natural is better.


About our Horse Blankets

The yarn we use is produced by a well-respected Scottish family business that has the reputation of stocking the world’s best lambswool qualities. They keep track of the wool as it leaves the back of the sheep up until the yarn is delivered to the mill, which guarantees the quality and transparency.

The blankets are then woven in a micro-mill in UK using traditional methods of weaving. The restrictions of the output allow exclusivity through artisanal weaving. The manufacturing facility is run by women entrepreneurs who are committed to fair working conditions and pay. They create ecological, sustainable and ethically responsible fabrics. We have chosen British manufacturers because of long traditions, profound expertise and machinery for weaving and finishing high quality blankets.

Our wool is manufactured and finished in a way that it requires less washing since it is dirt and moisture repellent. It also sustains wear better. Airing and brushing are affective ways of cleaning the woollen blanket. The traditional finishing method used is called milling. This means bettering the natural felting property of wool to give the fabric even more warmth.

Our horse blankets are hand finished in Finland with Nordic elk leather edging. Elk leather has a unique softness, durability and richness that makes it stand out among all other leathers. Elk leather is a sustainable choice as undomesticated elks live their lives in the wilderness.

Our horse blankets have a unique running product number stamped on the FE-logo plate attached to the them.


Our Vision

Finnish Equestrian Company offers beautiful and functional products made from natural materials for horses and dogs. Some while back we made an observation that natural materials are not fully made use of in the equestrian products. We wanted to make a change and Finnish Equestrian Company was born to fulfil this change.

Our first and foremost goal is to create design products that look and feel exceptionally magnificent on our horses and dogs. Finnish design combined with carefully selected materials and traditional manufacturing practices ensures that the products work even in the harshest of environments.

Overwhelming quality does not rise from the right words but from doing things right.