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Irma Dog Leash


Irma dog leash is made of cowhide and elk leather. As the elk leather is in touch with the skin of dog walker, it feels maximally comfortable. The elk leather has an exclusive softness and richness, which makes it stand out from all other leathers and gives our design its unique edge.

For hardware we use solid brass to achieve a classic and elegant look.

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Irma Dog Leash

Colour: Mocha (dark brown)

Material: 100% Cowhide and Elk Leather with Solid Brass Hardwear

Handmade in Finland.

Size: 158 cm long; leather width 1,6 cm

Product Nr.: FECCO02

Price: 119,00 (incl. 24% vat)

Care instructions: Regular greasing will keep the leather soft and supple helping it age beautifully.